Studio PR started in 1987 with the initial aim to train and release young artists into the recording industry. The goal was to establish a creative environment where talent could be encouraged and nurtured. Early days was a washing machine sized 1” MCI reel-to-reel recorder with a cash-register style MIDI sequencer synced to it.

Over the years the gear has evolved, the workflow has changed but the relationship-based approach remains.

Whether you need an album recorded in a 20,000-seat arena or a children’s choir tracked in the studio, package deals rarely give you exactly what you need. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the budget you have. That’s the power of a coffee and a chat. Contact Peter and let’s get excited about your project.


  • Studio & Live Production- Pre-production, Engineering, Vocal Tuning, Mixdown and Mastering
  • Music composition for Songwriters, Bands, Film, Documentaries and TV.
  • Post Audio for Film & TV High quality with fast delivery using Pro Tools HD based audio editing software.
  • Web Audio Create & produce all audio material or edit & master existing content.
  • Podcasts Top and Tail creation services as well as mix & mastering to optimum levels for online formats.