Songwriters Retreat APRIL 2020

Every April , John Crawford and Peter Wallis host a special retreat for Christian Songwriters at Noonaweena in the Hunter Valley of NSW, Australia. The aim is to train and release a prophetic generation of songwriters so that the Church will be found singing new songs of faith, declaring what the Spirit is doing in His community. Don’t miss out. Register now at WORSHIP CANVAS

Elizabeth Rae – FLOWERS

Elizabeth Rae – FLOWERS

Elizabeth Rae discovered an almost effortless capacity to write songs when she was eleven years old. She began performing professionally at just thirteen years of age at beach resorts on the Coffs Coast. Now known for her strikingly pure, ethereal voice, Elizabeth’s poetic lyrics, interwoven with deeply moving melodies, create unforgettable performances that will leave you captivated.

‘Flowers’, her new studio album produced here at STUDIO P.R. is a bouquet of songs encompassing love, freedom and hope in a joyful way. The South Coast-based songstress and her band move blissfully between spirited indie-pop and soul-stirring ballads with intuition and ease.  From vibrant catchy tracks, easily remembered and hard to get out of your head, to songs that speak deeply to the human heart, Elizabeth is an Australian singer/songwriter worth discovering.

Elizabeth Rae | FLOWERS | Out now on the iTunes Store.

IndieFEST Film Excellence Award

Chasing The Light-Ray Martin (OAM & 5 time Gold Logie winner) & Ken Duncan (OAM). Produced by Geoff Young- Storyhead Productions Audio by Peter Wallis- Studio PR

With over 35 years experience in the audio industry, we’ve produced albums in 20,000-seat arenas, created and mixed the audio for some of the  most impacting TV Ads and produced countless songs for all formats. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the budget you have. We’ve completed projects in Asia, Scandinavia, Europe and Australiasia, so we’re here to make it work for you where ever you are.

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Andy Wallis – MOTIVES

“Songwriting is a passion, as long as what I’m expressing is honest and it’s stirring up an honest response, that’s art for me and it’s worth doing. It’s got to strike a nerve or two. So yeah, stories, honesty, truth, passion, people.” Andy Wallis

This is a little gem of a project. It took 3 goes over 3 years, each with a very different approach before we understood which voice that it needed to speak with. The songs are some of the best of kind: narrative, personal, observational and intimate. I must admit to having this in all my cars and constantly in my bike helmet. A must-have album!

Andy Wallis | MOTIVES | Out now on the iTunes Store and Amazing Music.

Susanna Carter- HEART IN FLIGHT

Susanna Carter – HEART IN FLIGHT

Bravery is not about growing a tough skin, closing your eyes and charging blind. It’s about being transformed from the inside out through the process of becoming vulnerable, transparent and open over and over again. It often happens in the quiet whispers and small, uncertain steps. God our Father deeply knows us and still dearly loves us. He transforms our anxiety in to bravery. And at last, all of those things that we thought were impossible are made possible through His strength – Susanna Carter

Susanna’s album launch was a tribute to her as person. The depth of connection she has with others is reflected in her writing. She is genuine, honest in her phrasing with a vocal that can seperate you from all the worries in this world. You’ll love this album. Stand by for her 2nd one, coming out in 2018.