Dolby Atmos is Here

We have been working on our room and our workflow to bring you Dolby Atmos. Binaural delivery is upon us!

Binaural is a fancy way of describing how humans hear…through 2 ears. However unlike 2 microphones, we perceive sound in 3D with height, depth and width. Imagine your music being as immersive as your gaming experience can be. Now you can. We have been working on a workflow that allows you to track and hear what you are producing in surround, and then converting the surround mix into the Dolby Atmos format. Contact us for more information!

Surround is our New Standard

STUDIO P.R. Goes  5.1
After a 2 year transition, the studio is now working consistently in 5.1 surround for music and for Post audio. With the advent of Dolby Atmos, this makes it a manageable step on the pathway to all the surround formats that are emerging. It’s also been a treat to pull the Dynaudio AIR SERIES speakers system out of storage:)

IndieFEST Film Excellence Award

Chasing The Light-Ray Martin (OAM & 5 time Gold Logie winner) & Ken Duncan (OAM). Produced by Geoff Young- Storyhead Productions Audio by Peter Wallis- Studio PR

With over 35 years experience in the audio industry, we’ve produced albums in 20,000-seat arenas, created and mixed the audio for some of the  most impacting TV Ads and produced countless songs for all formats. You’ll be surprised at what you can achieve with the budget you have. We’ve completed projects in Asia, Scandinavia, Europe and Australiasia, so we’re here to make it work for you where ever you are.

Contact Peter Wallis for a coffee and a chat, and let’s get excited about your project.